More Music From The Inbox 27 May 2015 Clockwork Radio, VVhile, Layne and More!

Artist: Clockwork Radio, “Tacenda”

Album: No Man Is An Island

Clockwork Radio - Tacenda

I’ve posted this band a few times. Just love their stuff

Sounds like: Looking back to look forward


Artist: VVhile, “New Gaze”  

Album: Vvhile Is Vanity


Great stuff from this band out of Serbia

Sounds like: Looking out, far and beyond


Artist: Layne, “Somebody”

Album: Warrior


Absolutely fantastic voice out of LA

Sounds like: Wanting and trying


Artist: Rime Salmi, “Just Cuz I Can”

Album: Flaw’d

Rime Salmi

A beautiful voice with something a little different from the usual.

Sounds like: A little jag off the mainstream


Artist: Oblivious Signal, “Crash”

Album: Exordium

Oblivious Signal

Working hard to get the message out from South Florida

Sounds like: Impact and aftermath


Artist: Leon Bridges, “Better Man”

Album: N/A

Leon Bridges

Out of Fort Worth, Texas and bringing that classic sound forward

Sounds like: Just love


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