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Five Compilation Albums for Metalheads

Looking for a good compilation of metal tracks? Here’s five albums.

1) ECW: Extreme Music

If you enjoy both heavy metal and Extreme Championship Wrestling, this album is for you. It features the theme music for various late 90s wrestlers like The Sandman, Lance Storm, and Rob Van Dam. All the songs are performed by professional musicians, and many are cover versions.

2) The Heavy Metal Box

This compilation is four-discs of all the best in metal. From early heavy metal, through NWOBHM and hair metal, to alternative metal, this compilation doesn’t miss a thing.

3) Metal Massacre III

The series of compilation albums this one comes from was released through Metal Blade Records. They became well known for bringing bands like Metallica and Slayer out of the underground. Volume three features Slayer, Znowhite, and Warlord, among others.

4) Monster Ballads

For lovers of glam metal and power ballads, here’s Monster Ballads. It’s a 16 song album featuring some pretty big power ballads by mostly glam metal bands. If you want more power ballads, there’s other albums in the series.

5) MTV2: Headbangers Ball

Released in conjunction with the MTV program Headbanger’s Ball, this two-disc compilation is the first in a series. The first disc has mostly singles by well-known bands, while the second features less well-known artists.

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