Five Great Punk Compilation Albums

Multi-artist compilation albums were pretty important in helping emerging punk bands in getting their music heard. More recent compilation albums of earlier music showcase influential bands. Here are five great collections of punk music for anyone who loves punk music.

1) American Youth Report

Originally released in 1982, this compilation album contains mostly southern California hardcore. Bands such as Modern Warfare, Bad Religion, and Minutemen are featured, as well as several others. The album is available in both vinyl and CD.

2) Not So Quiet on the Western Front

Comprising of 47 bands, this compilation highlights mainly northern California Hardcore with bands like Dead Kennedys. Originally released in 1982, the collection is available in both vinyl and CD.

3) Oi! The Album

Very soon after the first British punk bands made their mark, different subgenres began to splinter off. One such subgenre was oi punk. Released originally in 1980, this compilation includes bands like Cockney Rejects, Angelic Upstarts, and Slaughter & The Dogs. It is available in both vinyl and CD.

4) No Thanks! The 70s Punk Rebellion

Four CDs chronicle 100 songs originally released between 1973-80. It includes proto-punk legend Iggy Pop, British punks the Buzzcocks, American punks the Ramones, and post-punk legend the Clash. Plus, many, many more. The one down side is that John Lydon refused to allow any Sex Pistols songs to be included. However, with the exception of missing the Pistols, the compilation gives a great overview of the most important punk bands. Because this compilation was released in 2003, it is only available in CD.

5) Hardcore Breakout 1,2,3…

In three CDs, this compilation includes all the essential hardcore punk. It has both American and British hardcore to give a complete look at the genre. Released in 2013, this particular compilation is only available in CD.

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