Geeks and Beats Podcasts, Episode 138: The SEXBOT SHOW!

There have been accusations–baseless ones, if you ask me–that I always seem to turn the conversation towards sexbots on an unusual number of Geeks and Beats podcasts. While I will continue to vigorously deny such slander–I’ve taken it up with the HR department at G&B–I did agree to participate in a show on the topic. After all, this does seem to be an industry on the rise as manufacturers race to perfect a Westworld-style brothel inmate.

There are some serious topics for discussion here. What are the legal, moral, ethical and emotional issues facing the rise of sexy Skynet? How much does one cost? What can it do? And how do you clean one of these things? (Think about that for a second–especially when we get to the bit about all-robot brothels.)

Co-host Michael Hainsworth was responsible for writing this synopsis: “Everything you wanted to know about robots that will have sex with you but were too creeped out to ask! We’ll ask sex advice columnist Cynthia Loyst of and CTV’s The Social if society will ever catch up to the technology. We’ll look at the history of sexbots going as far back as the Gutenberg press. And the {uncanny valley”: will a sexbot ever be realistic enough to not creep us out?”

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