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Here’s a summary of the music-related prop bets for Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl day is here, the greatest American holiday that’s not actually a holiday. It’s akin to some religious event celebrating American exceptionalism and excess. And with the rise in legal online betting sites, there’s going to be more money wagered on the game than ever before.

And not just the score, the point spread, or the over/under. Prop bets, wagers placed on…well, just about anything that happens before, during, and after the game, from the coin toss to whether there will be an “octopus.” (Hint: Not a sea creature. It’s a player who scores both a touchdown and a two-point conversion for a total of eight points. Octopuses have how many tentacles? Yup.)

Naturally, there are a bunch of prop bets related to music.

Length of the national anthem

  • A popular one that I was told is only offered by offshore sites. That doesn’t seem right, but okay. Country star Chris Stapleton gets the honours. How long will he take to get through “The Star-Spangled Banner?” Overseas sites vary from 119 to 124 second, but this offer settles on and over/under at 125 seconds at odds of -115. That means if you bet $10, you’ll win $18.70.
  • Will Stapleton omit a word? Yes, +1000 (a $10 bet will return $11). No, -3000 (Bet $10 to win $10.33)
  • Will any scoring drive take longer than the length of Stapleton’s anthem? Yes, +240 (a $10 bet wins $14.17). No, +175 (10 bucks will net $27.50).
  • Which head coach will be shown on TV first during the anthem? Nick Sirianni/Eagles, -105 ($10 wins $19.52), Andy Reid/KC, -120 ($10 wins $18.33).

Rihanna’s halftime show

There are lots and lots of these. For example:

  • What will be her first song? Different books have different picks. “Umbrella?” “Diamonds?” “Don’t Stop the Music?” “This is What You Came Form?” Tough call.
  • What will be her last song? “Umbrella” and “Run This Town” seem to be the most popular guesses.
  • How many songs total will she perform? The over/under seems to be about 8.5 (-110)
  • Will there be a guest performer? And who? Jay Z (-225), Drake (-200), Eminem (+150)?
  • What colour will Rihanna be dressed in? Black is the favourite across most books.
  • Will Rihanna have a wardrobe malfunction? (+500)
  • She’ll announce she’s pregnant. (+800)
  • She’ll propose marriage to A$AP Rocky. (+2500)
  • How many people will see the halftime show on TV? Over 101 million is -130 while the under is even odds.

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