Infographics! Which Genres and Artists Have the Most Gigs in Each State

If you’re into music, then it should come to no surprise that different genres are popular in different regions. Take Toronto, for example. We have huge rock, alternative, hip-hop, and top-40 scenes, but not a whole lot for country music. Go a little bit out of the city, however, and there’s plenty of fans of country music. It’s not much different on a larger scale.

Busbud came out with a few really interesting and informative infographics on just this phenomenon, but for the entire United States. They mapped the routes taken by some of the biggest musicians across a variety of genres in 2015 to compile their data.


According to this data, country dominates for the number of shows put on, but rock/oldies and alternative aren’t that far behind. If we look at individual bands and musicians, Foreigner played more times than anyone else in 2015, Breaking Benjamin played three less shows. Country star Luke Bryan is in third with 71 gigs, 17 less than Breaking Benjamin.

Now let’s take a look at the top genre per state:


Based on the number of performances of each genre in each state, there are some surprises and some expected results. Country music being spread across the US and even up to Alaska shouldn’t be too surprising. Neither should pop being the most popular genre in California. Hard rock/metal taking over the Dakotas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Connecticut is a bit of a surprise, however.

How about the artists with the top number of performances in each State? Again, there are some surprises. Check it out:



Justin Bieber is focusing his efforts in the Midwest, Georgia, and Oregon. Adele is mostly in the south-west, but also claims Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois. Billy Joel winning New York does make sense, however.

There are other infographics that Busbud created on this, and you should check them out here. I find this sort of data fascinating, especially when there’s some surprises.

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