Jesse Hughes of EoDM Sees a Bataclan Conspiracy Then Recants

I can’t be too hard on Jesse Hughes after what he, the rest of the band and everyone else at the Bataclan went through on November 13. Being the target of a horrific terrorist attack will inevitably leave you confused, angry and desperate for answers.

First, Jesse made the mistake of floating a theory to Fox Business News about how Bataclan security may have somehow been in on the attack because half a dozen or so people didn’t show up for work that night. “Out of respect for the police still investigating, I won’t make a definite statement, but I’ll say that it seems like they had a reason not to show up.”

The owners of the Bataclan freaked at this. From Variety:

“Jesse Hughes spread some very grave and defamatory accusations against the Bataclan teams,” a Bataclan rep said in a statement, which called Hughes’ claims “insane.” “A judicial investigation is undergoing. We wish to let justice proceed serenely. All the testimonies gathered to this day demonstrate the professionalism and courage of the security agents who were on the ground on November 13. Hundreds of people were saved thanks to (these agents’) intervention.” (Continue reading.)

Jesse has since apologized and backed off.

We can probably move on now, right?

Alan Cross

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