March Badness, Round Thirteen: Nickelback vs. brokeNCYDE. AND THE WINNER IS…

Nickelback–but it was a squeaker.

pie-chart (8)


Chad and Co. become our first finalist in March Badness. They will face the winner(?) of Limp Bizkit and Creed. Voting will be open for the next two days.

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In round thirteen of our NCAA-style competition to determine who is the worst band of all time, it’s:

Nickelback: They go through the motions of being a rock and roll band, and keep recording the same song over and over. Oh, and the lyrics could have been written by a caveman.


brokeNCYDE: They probably call it “crunkcore.” People who know what good music is tend to call it a collection of occasionally offensive cliches delivered obnoxiously by utterly talentless people.

*NSFW language and grammar*

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