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March Badness, Round Two: Limp Bizkit vs. the Casualties. AND THE WINNER IS…


Voting is now closed in the second round of March Madness and the battle of Limp Bizkit vs. The Casualties.  With 139 people casting votes in this round, the nod went to Limp Bizkit with 56.1% for Limp Bizkit and 43.9% for The Casualties. Limp Bizkit advances to the next round!

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R1: Nickelback vs. Manowar: NICKELBACK

R2: Limp Bizkit vs. The Casualties: LIMP BIZKIT

R3: Creed vs. Zager and Evans: VOTE HERE

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In round two of our NCAA-style competition to determine who is the worst band of all time, it’s:

Limp Bizkit: What’s worse than a combo of hip hop and metal that embraces some of the worst aspects of both genres? A band that comes across as a parody of that same band, which Limp Bizkit has done at least starting with their third album.


The Casualties: If the punk clichés don’t get you, the fairly incompetent playing might. They’re the ones with the instruments, but when the band plays, we’re all the casualties.

6 thoughts on “March Badness, Round Two: Limp Bizkit vs. the Casualties. AND THE WINNER IS…

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  • Really, the Casualties? I didn’t really think many people had heard of them. Out of the thousands of terrible punk bands out there I wouldn’t have gone straight to them… I admit I listened to a few of their songs for a hot minute in my teenage years, but was never much of a punk guy so nothing really jumped out at me. A couple were decent though. Also, as far as I’m concerned, everything in punk has been a cliché for a while now…

    How about all of the awful pseudo-punk or pop-punk bands that inexplicably exist? I would have picked the Offspring here instead, straight away – everything after Smash was unforgivable. Also if you wanted some Can-con you could have gone with Simple Plan, or Marianas Trench, Hedley… any of those terrible soundalikes. So many terrible bands, so little time!

    • Yes, there were a lot of choices. I didn’t go with any pop-punk bands because I think that subgenre is deliberately going for something different than most of the punk I like—I don’t like One Direction either, but I’m just not a fan of their genre. With Casualties, what I see as their by-the-numbers approach (and in my estimation, inauthenticity) makes them worse than bands that I think are technically worse musicians or songwriters. With punk bands, I think the Casualties’ brand of mediocrity is worse than actual poor performance.

  • You ask this as if it was possible for Limp Bizkit to better than anything on Earth. I’d rather suffer from flaming genital warts every day for the rest of my life than have to hear 5 seconds of any LB “song” again.

  • Honestly a little surprised Alan Cross (or whomever may micro manage) green lit this whole thing. Doesn’t seem to fit into Alan’s brand to focus so much on “bad music” and to focus so much on negativity and making fun. I’d be a little concerned that in picking out and mocking as many bands as you are that eventually you’ll start pissing someone off. Not sticking up for any of the bands so far but Limp Bizkit and Nickleback have moved millions of units, clearly at some point people thought they were good. Critically speaking, I agree so far with your picks, but if your business model is based on having an audience, I’d be a little cautious about alienating part of that audience, at least when there’s no actual value. It’s not news, it’s not something that’s going to build your audience, but it might cost you some. All that plus the Nickleback one threw me off because if you’ve listened to Alan’s episode on the 10 things that piss him off in music, one is Nickleback haters.

    Again not really disagreeing with your picks, I don’t really have a problem with this myself, I’m just surprised no one said “yeah, maybe we shouldn’t potentially piss people off and contradict something Alan has already put in a show”. But, who am I?

  • Gotcha. I didn’t really think of them as imitators, but again I’m not much into punk. I don’t know who can really claim to be ‘authentic’ or what, but to me all of them seem to be trying just a bit too hard, and in the end it doesn’t matter much since at some point you come to realize that just about everything about entertainment is fake… it’s all just show business.

    I am however surprised the split was that close! Glad LB “won” it though. Let’s give them the crown of shit they deserve.


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