Maybe we should try music to end the truckers’ occupations

Music can be a very effective crowd control device. The American military used Metallica played very, very loudly to flush out Manuel Noreiga from his hideout in Panama. Guantanamo Bay prisoners have been subjected to the Barney the Dinosaur theme to get them to talk. And in a more benign use of music, convenience stores have been known to play classical music in their parking lots to deter loiterers.

With anti-vaccine mandate (“Canada-style”) protests happening all over the world, governments are looking for ways to break things up peacefully. New Zealand, including.

The Kiwis, though, are trying a new way to end their protests: They’re bombarding the occupiers with Barry Manilow songs as well as “Macarena” on a loop. This was the decision of Parliament Speaker Trevor Mallard. He’s got a playlist of “the 25 most-hated songs in the world” for the protestors.

This seemed to work for a while until the protestors fought back with Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Going to Take It.” Perhaps this will escalate further.

Meanwhile, James Blunt has made a selfless offer to help after this threat to Spotify

Now he’s offered “You’re Beautiful” to the New Zealand musical assault. And they apparently took him up on it.

Any suggestions for songs to break up occupations like this? The good people of Ottawa are all ears (although there is that hardcore gay song that’s infiltrated the truckers’ communication lines). Leave your idea in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Maybe we should try music to end the truckers’ occupations

  • Tiptoe through the tulips….
    Anyone who sticks around after 5 minutes clearly has deeper issues

  • Anything besides Baby Shark on a loop is a wrong answer!


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