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Metallica’s WorldWired Tour Sells Out Rogers Centre in Minutes–Anyone Surprised?

At 10 a.m. local time on Friday, Metallica’s WorldWired Tour went on sale across North America. Hot on the heels of a new album that has the band returning to their biting, crunchy sound with fast guitars and thundering drums, not to mention the technically challenged but still well-received performance at The Grammys, fans were itching for the chance to see the metal gods again.

It showed. Within 20 minutes, standard-issue tickets—that is, tickets not part of one of four special packages at elevated prices, ranging from $329 per ticket to $3,299 per ticket—were sold out at Toronto’s Rogers Centre. By Friday night, even the luxury packages were sold out through Ticketmaster’s primary sale.

The secondary sale offered by Ticketmaster was thriving: Seats in the 500 Level of the arena, face value of $55.50 to $81.00, were available starting at $95.

This probably won’t come as any surprise to anyone, right?

Tickets were still available at BC Place, in Vancouver (general admission on the floor, $81); Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton ($81, section K2, lower bowl); and Parc Jean-Drapeau – Ile Notre-Dame in Montreal ($259, Metallica Platform), which has outdoor seating.

 In the States, by the time Toronto’s show had sold out, there were still plenty of seats available in all price ranges in Philadelphia, Baltimore and NYC/NJ. Could this be an indication that the federal anti-ticket bot legislation, passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Obama in December, is actually effective?  It’s likely hard to say: The stadiums where Metallica is playing are larger, mostly open-top stadiums for football or baseball teams, meaning they automatically have more seats than enclosed arenas.

So is there something special about Toronto? Did any fans get seats directly? Is it worth paying nearly twice the face value for tickets on the secondary market?  We want to hear your feedback.

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3 thoughts on “Metallica’s WorldWired Tour Sells Out Rogers Centre in Minutes–Anyone Surprised?

  • I joined their fan club back when they were coming to play the surprise show. I was able to purchase tickets on Tuesday with no issue. It seems fan club pre-sales are the way to go to guarantee a good seat.

  • I bought 3 tickets together at 4pm yesterday from ticketmaster above one of the rogers centre dugouts for $142. And there were lots left then too.

  • And yet from previous concerts. No one still hasn’t learned. I don’t blame the bots anymore. I blame every single person who bought those tickets from the bots. That’s like trading in your matches for lighters to start the fire. And just like before. Everyone is gonna be bitching about it. The show is packed and sold out. And the cycle will just continue for the next upcoming concerts. So fine. Be part of the problem and send the message to everyone that this don’t bother you at all. Because it’s gonna keep happening until you stop buying them. This message will fall on deaf ears anyways. Because the track record says it all.


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