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More Bits On U2’s Tour

The Irish Times has posted an article with more discussion and bits of information about the tour. And the endless concerns over Bono’s actual health.

An issue that will hang over Thursday night’s gig in Vancouver is Bono’s health. Since a serious cycling injury last November, in Central Park in New York, the singer has been struggling for fitness. – The injury was far worse than he admitted at the time. He broke his arm in six places and fractured his eye socket, hand and shoulder blade. As of this week he has a titanium elbow and still can’t bend two of the fingers on his left hand; his injuries are so bad that he may never play the guitar again.

The tour tidbits continue to play out as well:

Those at the gigs will also be in for very different kind of U2 live show. A single light bulb is the opening image of the performance in Vancouver on May 14th. The band’s most stripped-down show yet begins by taking audiences inside Bono’s bedroom at 10 Cedarwood Road in Finglas.
Under that bulb a teenage Bono listens to the music that made him want to be in a band: songs by The Ramones and The Clash. As the narrative-driven show progresses, the audience see them play their first shows in London and make their first trip to the US.

Read the whole thing U2’s Shrinking Tour.

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