More Music From The Inbox 1 Feb 2017 Deaf Havana, The Vryll Society, Toothless and More!

Artist: Deaf Havana, “Fever”

Album: All These Countless Nights

Longtime favourite UK band does it again.

Sounds like:  We’ve all been there


Artist: The Vryll Society, “Sacred Flight”

Album: N/A

As new as it gets from this Liverpool band

Sounds like:  Close your eyes and fly


Artist: Toothless, “Sisyphus”

Album: The Pace of the Passing

Bombay Bicycle Club’s Ed Nash solo stuff

Sounds like: Bringing the light


Artist: Porcelain Raft, “Microclimate”

Album: Microclimate

L.A. is home to this intriguing band

Sounds like:  Ethereal and entrancing


Artist: No Joy, “Califone”

Album: Creep

I really love this new stuff from this Montreal based band.

Sounds like:  Shoegaze joy!


Artist: Vagabon, “Minneapolis”

Album: Infinite Worlds

Incredible vocals out of NYC.

Sounds like:  Let’s call it punk/alt/rock goodness!


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