More Music From The Inbox 16 Aug 2017 Lowest of the Low, Null + Void, Night and More!

Artist: Lowest of the Low, “Powerlines”

Album: Do The Right Now

Long, long time favourite Toronto band

Sounds like:  Driving around the old neighbourhood, reminiscing


Artist: Null + Void, “Fruitcake”

Album: L-R

This NYC producer has worked with Depeche Mode and many others

Sounds like:  a complete mind blow


Artist: Night, “Time”

Album: Raft of the World

Great sound out of Sweden

Sounds like:  Old school vibe but new


Artist: Nick Rezo, “Hear The Stars”

Album: Dreamfield

London is home to this talented artist

Sounds like:  A dreampop dream!


Artist: Kurve, “Marseilles To Munich”

Album: Gravity Well

Master hand at the electronics

Sounds like: Speed trip through Europe


Artist: Futuro Terror, “Precipicio”

Album: Precipicio

Awesome sound out of Spain

Sounds like:  Some much needed punk blasts


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