More Music From The Inbox 17 May 2017 The Hangmen, Harry Pane, HDLSS and More!

Artist: The Hangmen, “Heartbreaker”

Album: N/A

Another classic out of Swansea in the UK

Sounds like:  that awesome retro feel


Artist: Harry Pane, “The Wild Winds”

Album: The Wild Winds

Beautiful sounds out of London

Sounds like:  Full on feeling


Artist: HDLSS, “False Flag”

Album: False Flag/Bystander Effect

This New York state band is an intrigue

Sounds like:  Spinning around and watching the madness of the day


Artist: Anna Lunoe, “Godzilla”

Album: N/A

Out of LA and beat forward

Sounds like: that club vibe that we all need


Artist: The Doctrinaires, “Wedding Bells”

Album: N/A

Interesting stuff out of Canberra

Sounds like:  A bit of Oasis meets The Smiths


Artist: Calais, “Seeing It All”

Album: N/A

Loving what I’m hearing out of Brisbane, Australia

Sounds like:  Modern indie flow


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