More Music From The Inbox 6 Jun 2018 Black Dove, Ekat Bork, Divine Era and More!

Artist: Black Dove, “21”

Album: N/A

This up-and-coming Scottish band is getting a lot of attention

Sounds like:  indie at its best


Artist: Ekat Bork, “Kontrol”

Album: Kontrol

Out of Switzerland and completely hypnotic

Sounds like:  electro-beauty and madness


Artist: Divine Era, “Justified Love”

Album: Scripture Codes Summon Suicidal Thoughts

One man wrecking crew out of L.A.

Sounds like:  Hard core intrigue


Artist: Lenny Zenith, “Suddenly Someone”  

Album: What If The Sun

NOLA born and out of NYC these days

Sounds like:  Trans-punk glory!


Artist: Old Caltone, “Two Devils”

Album: Final Horror

Some musical exploration from an interesting mind

Sounds like:  an intriguing flow


Artist: Flasher, “Who’s Got Time”

Album: Constant Image

Great stuff out of Washington D.C.

Sounds like:  post-punk joy


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