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More Music From The Inbox 18 Oct 2017 DJ Spoko, Hater, Heavy Hearts and More!

Artist: DJ Spoko, “Im I Dreaming ft. MK”

Album: N/A

One of my favourite DJs out of South Africa

Sounds like: seeing the world with fresh eyes


Artist: Hater, “Blushing”

Album: Red Blinders

Awesome Swedish band with a beautiful sound

Sounds like:  Dreampop at its best


Artist: Heavy Hearts, “Unravel (Your Love)”

Album: On A Chain

Amazing sounds from this Niagara-On-The-Lake band

Sounds like:  some brilliant guitar work


Artist: Ten Minute Detour, “Betty”

Album: N/A

This Calgary band makes me very happy

Sounds like:  Forward looking retro


Artist: Jadu Heart, “Harry Brompton’s Ice Tea”

Album: N/A

No clear sign on where they’re from, the mystery is part of the fun

Sounds like:  can’t explain it, just like it!


Artist: The Spook School, “Still Alive”

Album: N/A

Glasgow is home to this intriguing band

Sounds like:  the kind of noise that makes me happy


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