More Music From The Inbox 19 Apr 2017 Black Foxxes, Middle Kids, Riit and More!

Artist: Black Foxxes, “River”

Album: I’m Not Well

Wow this Southwest UK band is on fire

Sounds like:  That scream we feel inside


Artist: Middle Kids, “Old River”

Album: Middle Kids

Great sounds out of Sydney, Australia

Sounds like:  living the experience


Artist: Riit, “Imiqtaq”

Album: N/A

Nunavut based singer-songwriter and throat singer

Sounds like:  We need to hear more!


Artist: Power Trip, “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)”

Album: Nightmare Logic

Texas is home to this thrash band

Sounds like: You’re going to pay


Artist: Bing & Ruth, “Starwood Choker”

Album: No Home of the Mind

Enchanted sounds out of NYC

Sounds like:  All mood all the time


Artist: Low Roar, “Give Me An Answer”

Album: Once In A Long, Long While

Greatness out of Warsaw, Poland

Sounds like:  Slow, steady introspection


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