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More Music From The Inbox 24 Jan 2018 Editors, Blake Preston, Baloji and More!

Artist: Editors, “Magazine”

Album: Violence

Always a huge fan of this English band.  You need to know them if you don’t.

Sounds like:  how the world runs


Artist: Blake Preston, “Gone”

Album: The Sieve and The Sand

A great guy with a great sound

Sounds like:  where you need to be right now


Artist: Baloji, “Soleil De Volt”

Album: 137 Avenue Kaniama

Always intriguing out of the Congo/Belgium

Sounds like:  throwback thrown forward


Artist: Henry Metal, “Vampyre”  

Album: Henry Metal V

Interesting and eclectic stuff

Sounds like:  New old school metal


Artist: Goodnight, Sunrise, “Remember Now”

Album: N/A

Great new stuff out of Toronto

Sounds like:  staying in the moment


Artist: Falling Through April, “Desperate Measure”

Album: Zodiac

Some great guitar rock from this North Carolina band

Sounds like:  a step we’ve all taken


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One thought on “More Music From The Inbox 24 Jan 2018 Editors, Blake Preston, Baloji and More!

  • you are awesome… Music was my first love
    And it will be my last.
    Music of the future
    And music of the past.

    To live without my music
    Would be impossible to do.
    In this world of troubles,
    My music pulls me through.


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