More Music From The Inbox 26 Feb 2014 Pharaohs From The Grave, Silver By Skyline, The Royal Oui and More!

Artist: Pharaohs From The Grave, “Try Harder”
Album: N/A
Pharaohs From The Grave

This London alternative/punk band is killing it. Their huge following is no surprise.

Sounds like: A will and a way


Artist: Silver By Skyline, “Sea of Silence”
Album: Captives
Silver By Skyline

The band hails from Scotland and have a significant following.

Sounds like: Sum 41 meets Fallout Boy meets Blink 182


Artist: The Royal Oui, “When You Lose Your Mind”
Album: Forecast
The Royal Oui

I really like this Vancouver-based outfit. Intriguing sounds.

Sounds like: Ethereal and disturbed


Artist: Face The Ocean, “Deliverance”
Album: Deliverance
Face The Ocean

UK band out of Newcastle Upon Tyne. New album out soon.

Sounds like: A bit of Blink 182 with a twist


Artist: Harrison Caldeira, “Bright Lights, Two Ways”
Album: His*Story
Harrison Caldeira

Multi-talented guy – including trained MMA fighter!

Sounds like: Total heartbreak


Artist: Boy Jumps Ship, “Fugitives”
Album: Be Good, Be Gracious
Boy Jumps Ship

This Newcastle On Tyne band has new music coming very soon.

Sounds like: Running out of breath…


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