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More Music From The Inbox 16 Jul 2014 The Bedroom Hour, Tom Mitchell, The Bone Lab and More!

Artist: The Bedroom Hour, “Ocean”

Album: Hinterland

The Bedroom Hour

This is their debut album after their spectacular EP Themes. A meld of styles and technology that’s worth our time!

Sounds like: A mood, dark and introspective



Artist: Tom Mitchell, “Shadows In the Water”

Album: Things I Need To Undo

Tom Mitchell

Out of Bristol in the UK with a great folk sound.

Sounds like: A haunting from the past


Artist: The Bone Lab, “Too Cold Clap Attack”

Album: Fresh Meat

The Bone Lab

Sheffield UK is home to this funk hop band.

Sounds like: A twist on the old sound


Artist: Velcro Teddy Bears, “Life On Gas”

Album: N/A

Velcro Teddy Bears

Another Sheffield outfit with a growing fan base…

Sounds like: Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday…everywhere!


Artist: Royal Tusk, “Shadow of Love”

Album: Mountain

Royal Tusk

This band hails from Edmonton, Alberta. Fresh sounds from a great band.

Sounds like: A great mix of rock, alternative with just a hint of country


Artist: Alarke, “Just You”

Album: N/A


Alarke is the very talented Mary Alouette out of Brooklyn

Sounds like: Elements of electronica and jazz



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