More Music From The Inbox 31 Jan 2018 Slaves, The Deep Dark Woods, Pat Dam Smyth and More!

Artist: Slaves, “Patience Is A Virtue”  

Album: Beautiful Death

A great blend of sounds from this intriguing band

Sounds like:  something we all need but don’t always have


Artist: The Deep Dark Woods, “Drifting On A Summer’s Night”

Album: Yarrow

Saskatoon is home to this awesome band

Sounds like:  depth of life


Artist: Pat Dam Smyth, “Blue Lights”

Album: Goodbye Berlin

This Northern Ireland artist is really something

Sounds like:  beautiful storytelling


Artist: Deadheads, “Don’t Mind The Ghost”

Album: This One Goes To 11

London via New Zealand awesomeness

Sounds like:  you could but why would you?


Artist: Field Medic, “uuu”

Album: Songs From The Sunroom

Some great stuff out of California

Sounds like:  lo-fi storytelling


Artist: The Radio Dept., “Your True Name”

Album: N/A

This Swedish band always seems to make me happy

Sounds like:  really knowing


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