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A running list of music stories from the war in Ukraine (UPDATED AS REQUIRED)

[If this shows up in your feed again, it means that there have been developments. Read on to find out the latest.]

The situation on the ground in Ukraine is changing from hour to hour. Meanwhile, the world continues to express its outrage at Vladimir Putin’s invasion. Here are a couple of music-related stories from the war.

  1. Oxxxymiron, a Russian rapper, has risked his career by protesting his country’s actions. He’s canceled sold-out shows in Moscow, which is guaranteed to attract the attention of authorities.
  2. Russian metal band Slaughter to Prevail has denounced the invasion.
  3. These Russian artists are saying now is the time to push for change.
  4. Green Day has canceled their Moscow concert.
  5. In case you missed the opening segment of Saturday Night Live, you need to watch this. (Via Sean)
  6. Elton John and his husband, David Furnish, who have been involved in AIDS relief in Ukraine, have released this statement.
  7. Anonymous, the hacker collective, got into Russian TV and managed to get Ukrainian songs broadcast. Meanwhile, TASS, the state-owned news site, got hacked with message that reads “Putin Makes Us Lie.”
  8. In case you missed it, Eurovision has banned all Russian contestants this year.
  9. Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot has formed a crypto organization to help fund Ukrainian aid groups. UPDATE: Pussy Riot has raised over US$6.4 million in just 72 hours. You can learn more here.
  10. Watch these Ukrainian sing patriotic songs while stuck in shelters during an attack.
  11. The Ukrainian national anthem is being heard all over the world.
  12. The Russians got it wrong when they quoted David Bowie.
  13. Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider talks about Ukraine using “We’re Not Gonna Take It” against Russia.
  14. On that note, Canada’s Tanya Tagaq wants to cover the song.
  15. Remember Randy Newman’s song from 2016 called “Putin?” Listen here.
  16. The Australian Road Crew Association is pulling its music catalogue from all the streaming services in Russia.
  17. HEALTH have canceled their Russian dates.
  18. Louis Tomilson has canceled his Russian and Ukrainian dates.
  19. Ukrainian artists speak out on the war.
  20. Japanese rock star Yoshiki has donated ¥10,000,000 (about CAD$110,000) to Ukrainian organizations.
  21. Live Nation says they will not to business in Russia after the invasion.
  22. The Ottawa Senators are going to play the Ukrainian national anthem before home games.
  23. Biffy Clyro and Placebo pull out of Park Live Festival in Moscow.
  24. Some Ukrainian musicians have turned war reporters.
  25. Leonard Blavatnik, the head of Warner Music Group, is having his jets tracked by a Twitter feed called Russian Oligarch Jets.
  26. Bjork has canceled her Moscow concert.
  27. Slipknot has offered a message of solidarity to Ukraine.
  28. The BBC has had its website blocked in Russia.
  29. Watch as the staff of a Russian TV channel resigned in protest over the war.
  30. Sum 41 has canceled their Russian gigs.
  31. Franz Ferdinand has canceled their Russian dates.
  32. Nick Cave has canceled his concerts in Russia and Ukraine.
  33. Rammstein has condemned Russia for the invasion.
  34. Songwriters have asked that their music no longer be licensed for use in Russia.
  35. Now that Western news organizations have left Russia because if new insane censorship laws, the BBC has brought back shortwave radio broadcasts.
  36. Here’s an official playlist from within Ukraine. (Via Lena)
  37. Deep Purple has condemned the invasion.
  38. This metal merch store in Kharkiv was destroyed by Russian bombing. The place had ties to some unsavory artists.
  39. My Chemical Romance has canceled their dates in Russia and Ukraine.
  40. Chrissie Hynde, Bob Geldof and friends will play a fundraiser for Ukraine in London.
  41. Revolver Records has pulled all its product from Russia.
  42. FUGA, a B2B music provider, has pulled out of Russia.
  43. Universal Music Group has suspended all operations in Russia.
  44. Sony Music Group has suspended Russian operations.
  45. Warner Music Group has suspended all Russian operations.
  46. No more Pink Floyd for Russia and Belarus (well, at least from 1987 forward. Plus David Gilmour’s solo catalogue).
  47. Now that sanctions are really biting into Russia, Putin has made piracy of things like streaming (think Netflix) legal.
  48. Back to Oxxymorin (see item 1), he’s launching a series of “Russians Against War” charity concertsoutside of Russia, of course.
  49. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister has been watching the situation in Ukraine very carefully.
  50. Arcade Fire has announced a Ukraine benefit show in New Orleans.
  51. Songs about Russia are starting to creep up the charts.
  52. Sting says that there won’t be any more private gigs for Russian billionaires.
  53. CISAC, the global organization that represents performing rights collectives, has spoken out about doing business in Russia.
  54. Madonna has released a remix of the “Sorry” video in support of Ukraine.
  55. There will be a live two-hour Concert for Ukraine on Tuesday, March 29.
  56. Squad 303 is a group of hackers intent on wreaking hell with Putin. Watch their video.
  57. IMPALA, an association of independent music companies, has come out with strong support for Ukraine.
  58. Massive Attack are selling new artwork to help victims of the Russian invasion.
  59. The Cure is donating proceeds of Ukraine charity t-shirts to UN efforts to help refugees.
  60. This anti-Putin song by Bankrupt should make a comeback.
  61. Anti-war musicians in Russia are getting hit with a severe backlash.
  62. Orchestras all over the world are performing the Ukrainian national anthem.
  63. Ted Nugent isn’t exactly on the side of Ukraine. Jeezus, man.
  64. A series of music collectives based in the Nordic countries have suspended payments to Russia.
  65. Members of Faith No More, Rammstein, Stabbing Westward and others have covered The Beatles’ “Come Together” to support Ukraine. Listen here.
  66. This article explains how Putin has declared Russian artists who oppose the war “traitors.”
  67. Ozzy’s son Jack has gone to Romania to help out Ukrainian refugees.
  68. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister shared a pro-Ukrainian song and a support campaign.
  69. Recent Arcade Fire shows have raised over US$100,000 for Ukrainian refugee relief.
  70. Sting has released his new version of “Russians” to raise money for Ukrainian relief. (Via Sean)
  71. Ukraine’s national radio of resistance is still up and running. (Sean again)
  72. Teenagers in Montenegro have released this song to raise money for Ukrainian children. (Via Oreo)
  73. This has to be the most dangerous tour in the world. (Oreo again)
  74. Check out this “ray of light” concert in a Ukrainian metro station. (Via Sean)
  75. Coming April 8: The Stand Up for Ukraine Global Rally. U2 is involved. (Oreo)
  76. Ukrainians are spamming Russian army radio frequencies with heavy metal.
  77. Deftones have canceled their shows in Ukraine and Russia.
  78. Metallica has donated another US$500,000 to Ukrainian refugee relief.
  79. If you haven’t seen U2’s “One” support video, go here. (Via Oreo)
  80. Here’s more on the Ukrainian band that traded their instruments for guns.
  81. And look at how these Ukrainian musicians are giving a big FU to Putin.
  82. The war has prompted a Portishead reunion.
  83. I’m sure Leonard Cohen would approve of these new “Hallelujah” lyrics for Ukraine. (Via Oreo)
  84. And then there’s this: “Song for Ukraine.” (Oreo again)
  85. Maneskin stands up for Ukraine with this video.
  86. The sinking of the Russian Black Sea flagship Moskva has inspired this Ukrainian rocker.
  87. Guitar stores are running low on tubes for amps because many of them are manufactured in Russia.
  88. Annie Lennox sings for Ukraine.
  89. Dire Straits adapted for Ukraine.
  90. Orcs. That is all.
  91. Simple Plan’s new single, “Wake Me Up (This is Nightmare is Over)” is raising money for Ukraine.
  92. “Slava Ukraini,” a song about the war.
  93. Primus and Gogol Bordello have teamed up for this song about Zelenskyy.
  94. Dave Matthews has a new song in support of Ukrainian refugees.
  95. This Ed Sheeran video was shot in Ukraine just days before the invasion.
  96. This isn’t Bono, but his heart is in the right place. (Via Oreo)
  97. Myles Goodwyn (ex April Wine) has this song for Ukraine.
  98. This is the story of Ukraine’s song of resistance, “Chervona Ruta.” (Via Oreo)
  99. Foreigner raised US$100,000 for Ukrainian refugees during their Las Vegas residency.
  100. Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello (a Ukrainian band, of course), talks about his country’s resistance.
  101. Vladimir Putin is NOT going to like this song from Woundlicker. (Via Oreo)
  102. Ed Sheeran has teamed up with a Ukrainian band for a new remix o raise money for refugees.
  103. About 4,000 creators from 50 countries have signed a petition demanding an end to the war.

You can donate to the Red Cross here.

And then there’s this: There’s now an “International Legion” that foreigners can join if they want to fight.

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