New material Our Lady Peace drummer Jeremy Taggart’s comedy duo, Taggart & Torrens

Jeremy Taggart, the drummer for Our Lady Peace through the years they sold millions of albums, is one of the funniest guys I know. Seriously laugh-out-loud I-LOVE-this guy funny. Just thinking of some of the conversations we had makes my stomach hurt.

Jeremy is part of Taggart & Torrens, a comedy duo also featuring Jonathan Torrens, who has been involved in Canadian TV for 30 years. (Think Trailer Park Boys, Mr. D and others). The two started a successful podcast a couple of years back, which won a 2018 Canadian Comedy Award. It also spawned a book called Canadianity: Tales from the True North Strong and Freezing.

Their latest project is a musical comedy album entitled Bahds, which features “Animals Sound the Same,” which was written Antony Carone of Arkells.

The whole album will be out June 11. Here’s the tracklisting with links to the singles that have been released so far.

Bahds Tracklisting:

1. Juno What I Mean 

2. Terry Got Wasted 

3. Who Are You 

4. Supposed To Be Me 

5. I Feel Right Barfy

6. All Day Long 

7. Picky Bits 

8. You Sellin? I’m Byron 

9. A Baffle Between Gino & Joe

10. Montreal Muscle Car Nights 

11. Allô! Donovan

12. Ok Guys, D’accord Les Guys 

13. The Collab was Straight Fire 

14. The Score

15. Suck the Tears from My Face

16. Weekend Bumsies 

17. For The Children

18. Animals Sound The Same 

19. Pour Me A Small One

20. For The Birds

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