New Music from the Inbox: Damon Albarn, Judah & The Lion, Tom The Mail Man, and more!

Artist: Tom The Mail Man
Song: NothingToLose

Tom The Mail Man explains that this genre bending alt-rock song is “an anthem for kids in poverty, kids who never had what they needed growing up, just kids without. The kids who have the world stacked against them and are still ready to conquer any obstacle in front of them. I was a kid like that growing up and this is our national anthem.”


Artist: Damon Albarn
Song: Royal Blue Morning
Album: The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows

Damon Albarn has added a second solo album to his impressive career, which includes being a founding member of Blur, Gorillaz and The Good, The Bad & The Queen. The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows is out now!


JTL FARW Art UPRES 3000x3000

Artist: Judah & the Lion
Song: Find Another Reason Why

Judah & the Lion explain that this new indie-folk song is “about changing as a person. It is extremely hard to let go of the old self, and press on to something new. But that surrender comes with a lot of growth and freedom.”


Artist: French For Rabbits
Song: Money or the Bag

Warm, luscious indie-folk from this New Zealand band’s new album, The Overflow, out now!


Artist: Léonie Gray
Song: Banana Split

Montreal’s Léonie Gray explains the personal meaning behind her enchanting new soul/R&B single: “In Banana Split I tackle my dissociative episodes, that moment where body and brain both seem disconnected from each other. We fall in a second state, the “split”, which in my case affects my speech and memory. Certain situations and relationships can trigger this state, which I describe in this song.”


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