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New Music From the Inbox: Little Dragon, Matthew Barber, Isador, and more!

Artist: Little Dragon
Song: Best Friends

It is easy to get lost in this warm and dreamy tune. The soulful vocals are really something special!


Artist: Matthew Barber
Song: Back To You
Album: Phase Of The Moon

The expressiveness of this piano driven pop is an absolute gem to find. The piano and vocals have a beautifully intimate quality while cinematic strings make for an emotional, towering landscape.


Artist: Isador
Song: Jungle

Not a moment is wasted in this alt-rock pop song. Heavy, explosive rhythms, and distorted guitar and vocals make for an absolutely exhilarating experience from beginning to end.


Artist: Cyn
Song: Alright

You had better be ready to dance if you want to deal with these thumping beats, strong bass lines, and enchanting vocal melodies. This pop song absolutely glows.


Artist: Bobi Andonov
Song: Smoke

This huge, intense, and catchy dark pop anthem proves that this Australian newcomer is someone to keep your eye (and ears) on.


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