New Music from the Inbox: Mazie, Alice Phoebe Lou, Anaïs Mitchell, and more! (Dec 09, 2020)

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Artist: Miki Ratsula
Song: i walked a mile in my room
Album: i owe it to myself

Miki Ratsula explains that this lush and intimate indie-pop is “an acknowledgment that I know I can work on my mental health and make sure it doesn’t negatively affect those I love while also recognizing that it’s something I have to deal with and need patience from others while I work on it.” Their debut album will be out March 25!


Artist: Mazie
Song: People Don’t Change

This nostalgic and whimsical pop song once again showcases Mazie’s sharp songwriting skills.


Artist: Alice Phoebe Lou
Song: Underworld
Album: Child’s Play

Alice Phoebe Lou’s distinctly powerful and ethereal vocals take her genre-bending songs and move them into realm of unforgettable awesomeness. Underworld is just one of many impressive songs that can be found on her new album, Child’s Play, out now!


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Artist: Anaïs Mitchell
Song: Brooklyn Bridge
Album: Anaïs Mitchell

The soft vocals and lush instrumentation on this song are beautiful. You can find it on Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell’s self-titled album, out January 28!


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