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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Sep 14, 2020): Statues, Punkband, The Flamingos Pink, and more!

Artist: Statues

Song: “Cardiac Arrest”

Album/EP: Single

A cacophony of strained amps and gang vocals atop riff-heavy alt rock stylings, “Cardiac Arrest” is an exhilarating rip. Sinewy guitar melodies and a poppy acoustic injection in the tune’s bridge keep things fresh and sonically varied – just in case the invigorated power chords didn’t get your heart pumping fast enough.


Artist: Punkband

Song: “Kick It Up”

Album/EP: Single

Straightforward punk rock with all of the staples: three chords, speeding drums, and working class brashness. Add in some Brit mod influence and a big catchy all-in chorus and you’ve got yourself Punkband’s no frills approach to music (and band names, apparently).


Artist: The Flamingos Pink

Song: “Morning Light”

Album/EP: Outtacontroller

Stripped back rock that leans towards folk pop with its barebones guitar production and sparse percussion backing, the lyrics take a bold stand at the forefront of The Flamingos Pink’s “Morning Light”. Lead singer Sacha Gubany has an Eddie Vedder-like rasp, which lends a raw and vulnerable tone to the already wide-open tune.


Artist: Paul Collins’ The Beat

Song: “Another World”

Album/EP: Another World – the Best of the Archives

Considering this unreleased tune was likely written and recorded in the 80s, it makes total sense that “Another World” sounds like it’s pulled straight from a lost eight track. The nostalgic splashy hi hat, reverb-heavy vocals, and rattlingly jangling guitars will transport you back without any issue. Imagine hearing this song over the house speakers before a Cure concert and you’ll know exactly what I mean.


Artist: Nuclear Warfare

Song: “Death By Zuccini”

Album/EP: Lobotomy

OK as ridiculous and tongue-in-cheek as this song is, it also kinda goes hard. There’s something about a gritty hammer riff that just scrunches one’s face into an appreciative snarl, and Nuclear Warfare pull it off immaculately in “Death By Zuccini”. And of course the following speed-lite breakdown just wants to felt your face, snarl or otherwise.


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