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OK Go Releases New Video That Was Shot in 4.2 Seconds. Seriously.

OK Go enjoys creating unique music videos and they just released their latest one. The majority of the elaborate video for “The One Moment”, directed by singer Damian Kulash, Jr., was captured in a little over four seconds. Choreographed to a cathartic song about life’s most important events — moments where everything changes — the band members create and interact with over 300 synchronized, high-speed events.

Kulash, Jr. explains how they created the video:

“We triggered 325 events with extremely precise digital triggers to create the choreography, which unfolds over a little more than four seconds. We shot with extremely high-speed cameras, which allows us to stretch those few seconds over the full length of the song. Our fastest frame rate was a little over 6000 frames per second, which effectively slows down time to be 20,000% slower than we normally experience it. At those moments, we’re seeing things move through the air that, in real life, are moving faster than the speed of sound”.

OK Go also partnered with Morton Salt, Inc. to create an interactive version of the clip as a salute to five individuals who have spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives to help others as part of the Morton Salt “Walk Her Walk” non-profit. You can view this version here.

Watch the video for “The One Moment”.

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