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Ongoing History Daily: What kind of music should I buy my cat?

Here is a question that I get all the time: “What kind of music should I buy for my cat?”  Seriously.  If you have a cat in the house, you’ll know that he or she can be very sensitive to sound.  Is your cat compatible with your musical tastes? 

Back in 2002, a team of Austrian psychologists spent five days filming cats being exposed to music.  When they heard something they liked, they moved closer to the speaker.  When they heard something they didn’t like, they moved further away.  Here’s what they found: Cats seem to really dig music with a really fast beat.  What’s more, they seem to prefer music with deep bass as opposed to lots of high frequencies. 

What does this mean for you and your cat?  These psychologists might prescribe heavy electronic music or low-slung rock like grunge.  Just stay away from any songs with guitar solos.  Cats don’t like guitar solos.

They might like this, though. (Via Rick J)

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