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Pink Floyd’s infamous 1975 Hamilton gig has been blown up from 8mm to 4K. Watch.

The story, as I understand it, the crowd who flocked to Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton on June 28, 1975. created a problem for the city. About 55,000 people created a situation that “was huge, loud and messy; either the most famous or infamous concert in the city’s history, depending on your point of view.”

Tickets weren’t cheap: $8.50–which, at the time, was considered usurious. Fans, many wigged out of their minds, left such an impression on the neighbourhood and the city that concerts were banned from Ivor Wynne for much of the rest of the stadium’s existence. (Only Rush, the Hip and Talent managed to hold gigs there in the following decades. Then Arkells played at Ivor Wynne’s successor, Tim Horton’s Field.)

The set list was heavy on material from Dark Side of the Moon, although a few tracks from the just-released Wish You Were Here were included. And as a bonus, early versions of a couple of songs that would end up on Animals in 1977. Here’s what they played via

  1. Sheep (Early version, known as “Raving and Drooling”) Play Video
  2. Dogs (Early version, known as “You Gotta Be Crazy”) Play Video
  3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)Play Video
  4. Have a Cigar Play Video
  5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)Play Video
  6. “The Dark Side of the Moon”
  7. Speak to Me Play Video
  8. Breathe Play Video
  9. On the Run Play Video
  10. Time Play Video
  11. Breathe (Reprise) Play Video
  12. The Great Gig in the Sky Play Video
  13. Money Play Video
  14. Us and Them Play Video
  15. Any Colour You Like Play Video
  16. Brain Damage Play Video
  17. Eclipse Play Video

The only visual record of the show was some grainy 8mm film. A little less than half an hour of that footage has been upscaled to 4K and was posted online this month. Take a look.

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7 thoughts on “Pink Floyd’s infamous 1975 Hamilton gig has been blown up from 8mm to 4K. Watch.

  • Hello, Alan! Funny, I just had a short FB convo with a gent about this concert a couple of months ago, and shared some YouTube footage. Also, I know that concerts were banned at IWS after Pink Floyd, but I saw Rush there with Streetheart (shout out to Winnipeg!) opening, in the summer of 1979 ; tour was called “Super Sessions,” I think (I have my tee somewhere!). My first concert! Special beyond belief. LOVE what you continue to do, better than any other music writer, in The Ongoing History of Music. : )

  • Rush played Ivor Wynne after Floyd, and The Tragically Hip were the farewell to the stadium show

  • Didn’t they blow up the scoreboard ?

    • The story I’ve heard is Hamilton was the last show on the tour so the stage crew used all the remaining pyrotechnics at IWS. The scoreboard in the east end, behind the stage, of the stadium was severely damaged at the end of the show when those pyros went off.

  • I was there with a few buddies from St. Catharines. Just 18 years old. Wore my Pink Floyd Echoes T-shirt purchased at their concert at the New Century Theatre in Buffalo. Scorching hot day. Big party outside until they opened the doors. The joint was packed. The sound at IWS was never very good but we didn’t care – it was PINK FLOYD LIVE. Thanks for the memories


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