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Random music news for Friday, April 19, 2019

It was on this day in 1987 that a short-form animated feature called The Simpsons first appeared as an interstitial feature on The Tracy Ullman Show. Now let’s talk about music news for April 19, 2019.

  1. Bill Drummond is on the Irish border today to make a statement on Brexit. Naturally, it’s a bit weird.
  2. A new Toronto noise bylaw targets concerts and clubs.
  3. If an AI program composes music, who owns the copyright? The legal opinion on this is rather fuzzy.
  4. Members of US Congress received their copies of the Mueller report on CD-ROMs. Here’s why.
  5. “Are podcasts killing music or just wasting our time?” Discuss.
  6. Live Nation is launching a series of all-female music events.
  7. Michael Jackson’s kids are quietly investigating the two accusers featured in the Leaving Neverland doc.
  8. Meanwhile, the Jackson estate seems to be having second thoughts about that $100 million lawsuit against HBO over the doc.
  9. Bandcamp now offers a vinyl-pressing service for artists.
  10. Bob Dylan speaks! For the first time in forever, he actually talked to the audience from the stage during a gig–but it was to scold them.
  11. Ratings for Saturday Night Live hit an all-time low last weekend. I thought BTS was supposed to fix that?
  12. Stream-ripping: Still a big problem.
  13. And speaking of piracy, season 8, episode 1 of Game of Thrones was pirated 54 million times in a single day.
  14. The 50 best music documentaries of all time: discuss.
  15. If the selling price of this house is any indication, Fleetwood Mac has been very, very good to Lindsey Buckingham.
  16. Gongs?
  17. Judging by the selling price of this house, Fleetwood Mac was very, very good to Lindsey Buckingham.
  18. And speaking of real estate, check this out.

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