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Random music news for Friday, February 16, 2024

What’s with Star Trek’s “stardates?” Are they real things? Here’s an explanation. And now, here’s music news for February 16, 2024.

  1. Last Super Bowl story. I promise. The game attracted 19 million Canadian viewers, one of the top five most-watched broadcasts of all time. And yes, the Tay-Tay factor needs to be considered,
  2. Stop it. Please?
  3. Australia is very concerned over a spate of festival cancellations.
  4. Will Beyonce release a country album? If so, will country radio stations play any of it? Here’s the problem.
  5. A documentary on Eminem superfans is in production. It’s called Stans, of course.
  6. Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus says he’ll have a memoir out next year.
  7. Despite protests calling for a ban, Israel will compete in Eurovision 2024. (Via Sean)
  8. Meanwhile, Israeli rappers call for Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Mia Khalifa to be killed in a new song.
  9. Captain Britney? What could have possibly gone wrong here?
  10. Is Tinder addictive? This lawsuit says it is.
  11. On the same topic, New York is suing five social media companies over how the technology is contributing to a mental health crisis.
  12. TikTok is changing the way people discover music. This is important.
  13. If you’re into high-end audio, you should look at this deep dive into Dolby ATMOS technology.
  14. Here’s how Bell’s wanton eviscerating of its radio division could be a good thing for private broadcasters.
  15. Besides, Bell says “radio is no longer a viable business.” Bullsh*t. What they should have said is that “radio is no longer a viable business for US because we’re incompetent and we don’t know how to do radio.”
  16. On that note, here’s another perspective.

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BONUS: If you’re a fan of dictionaries, you should probably read this.

BONUS BONUS: The man who helped develop the Pop Tart is dead.

BONUS BONUS BONUS: To the shark: “You are NOT the father!”

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