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Random music news for Friday, June 2, 2023

This is fun: An actual Monty Python-like stand-up joke written in medieval times. No mention of hamsters or smelling like elderberries. (Via Larry) Here’s what I have for music news for June 2, 2023.

  1. An anti-Pride song aimed at Target stores (which sells Pride gear) reached number one on iTunes in the US, knocking Taylor Swift off the top spot.
  2. A third man has been charged in the death of Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC.
  3. The recent Ed Sheeran plagiarism case (which he won, thankfully) shows how copyright is broken.
  4. What’s next for artist-fan engagement? Take a look at this.
  5. Here comes a new wave of virtual artists. Hint: None of them look like Gorillaz.
  6. What about a virtual music producer? Yup.
  7. I thought Grimes was okay with AI. Apparently not.
  8. Meanwhile, Amazon is discontinuing its celebrity voice offering for Alexas devices. Paid for one? Too bad.
  9. Interesting: The new fluidity of music.
  10. The US Government has introduced “The BOSS and SWIFT Act” to deal with concert tickets. (And yes, that is a reference to Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift.) It’s not going over well with some people.
  11. Rod Stewart was going to selling his catalogue to Hipgnosis, but then…
  12. Air drums. They’re a thing–at least in this form.
  13. Why do so many of us stop exploring new music as we get older? This article seeks to explain that.
  14. The City of Mississauga is going to vote on a lyric change to “O Canada.”
  15. The dashboard of your new car may soon look like this.
  16. Finally, there’s today’s livestream from Mars. (Via Larry)

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BONUS: That. Is. FAST.

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