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Random Music News for Monday, November 6, 2017

Off to Nashville tonight for Vintage-TV business for the Country Music Awards (I know, I know…). Here’s what I’m not supposed to talk about. And now, some music news for November 6,

  1. Sean Puff Diddy Daddy Combs now wants to be called Brother Love. Bite me.
  2. This might get me to consider Tidal as a streaming service: They’re now offering detailed album and track credits. In other words, liner notes!
  3. The just-released JFK assassination files are revealing strange stuff–like Dr. Martin Luther King having a fling with folksinger Joan Baez.
  4. Speaking of archives, take a look at this material featuring John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix from the Dick Cavett collection.
  5. Why a band’s first album is so important to those who go on to become superfans.
  6. Let’s track down these music video icons. Where are they now?
  7. Kid Rock has fired his PR company over #MeToo allegations.
  8. And Christina Aguilera’s t-shirt pretty much says everything she needs to say about Harvey Weinstein.
  9. Morrissey and the Mexican resistance. You read that right.
  10. The BBC really hopes this new music show will make forget about Top of the Pops for good.
  11. What the hell was Emma Thompson doing in a moshpit at an Arctic Monkeys show?
  12. Neil Young is selling off his vast model train collection for charity.
  13. Remembering AC/DC’s uninvited appearance at CBGB at the height of punk in 1977.
  14. Hip-hop is trying to make you healthy.
  15. These sex workers are starring in their own musical.
  16. Sperm whales are so loud that they can kill a human being with sound.
  17. These celebrities have gone to war with countries. Eminem vs. New Zealand is on this list.
  18. Mick Jagger might be 74, but he’s still a dog.
  19. Vintage guitar prices too high? Here are four people you can blame.
  20. Watching Stranger Things? Here’s a guide to all the pop culture references.
  21. The things you can learn by studying the pickled heart of a classical composer.

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