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This Startup App Does Music Instant Messaging Better Than Snapchat

Do you wish you could add a bit more tunage to your Snaps? The current process for adding music to Snapchat posts involves quickly opening and closing your phone’s music app. It’s confusing, requires some timing, and often ends up with some fumbling along the way. Admittedly this is an issue that most Snapchat users probably avoid by, you know, not adding music to their Snaps – but for some music junkies out there, that’s simply unacceptable. Sending that perfect picture message and syncing up that key track needs to be an option for some, and that dilemma was the inspiration behind the startup app Beatshare.

Created by a university student in California, Beatshare is essentially a beefed-up Snapchat for music lovers. It taps into Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud to allow users to legally add customized short clips of licensed music seamlessly into their messages. And a recent update also adds iMessage integration on Apple devices – quite a step farther than Snapchat’s musical capabilities. Is Beatshare revolutionary? Not necessarily. But, it does improve the entire instant music messaging process in a way that some fans may really appreciate.

Below you’ll find a promotional video that gives a very brief overview of the app, if you wanted to see more before downloading. And keep in mind, with iMessage integration, recipients of your musical picture messages don’t necessarily need the app as well – a clever step for a startup attempting to butt heads with Snapchat’s massive user base.

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