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Still stealing music? You’re part of a dying breed.

Remember when music piracy threatened to derail the ender recorded music industry? Even after Napster was sued out of existence, dozens of other file-sharing programs popped up and soon, the industry was scared they were going down. Making digital tracks easily available through iTunes was a start, but what really hit piracy was the rise of streaming.

Streaming offered high-quality audio (at least compared to a lot of pirated songs) and is virus-free. And now with 95 million songs available (all the streaming services dip into the same universal library), it seems like way too much trouble to steal anything.

According to a new report from the European Union, music piracy continues to decline. Using a survey of 5,000 internet users in the UK as a baseline, the report sales that piracy dropped 15% in 2020 and another 18% in 2021.

Going a little deeper, the survey showed that 13% of respondents used a mix of legal and illegal sources for their music. Only 2% went 100% illegal.

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3 thoughts on “Still stealing music? You’re part of a dying breed.

  • I’m not stealing, but definitely in the minority of still buying digital albums for mp3 download rather than doing the monthly thing. I like to have them on a usb stick in my car stereo to have my whole library to navigate with the stereo and display the album art as it plays without having to do it from my phone.

  • Guess I am a Dinosaur of some type I hardly have any music on my phone and what is there is a free download from all the Vinyl records I still buy, both new LP’s and a bunch on Discogs (collection is at 700 and counting).
    I don’t like the sound of digital and prefer staring at my stereo and my turntables and paying attention to the music, it’s like guitars, you can never own enough of them, I spin and I don’t steal from musicians.

  • i too am all about the vinyl….once upon a time, I wore an eye patch, but the sound i was getting from the music was horrible, or one track i had to turn up the volume, and on the next track, vol still up, i would blow the ears off everyone in the room…but thats what you get for free….anyways, keep spinning, supporting and listening to it as it was meant to be heard….well, live is always the way to go, but wax is 2nd to none!!!! cheers !


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