Time to Upgrade the Home Theatre. Dolby ATMOS for the House Coming Soon

The “3D sound experience” of Dolby ATMOS has been installed in more than 600 cinemas.  Now you’ll soon be able to have it in your home.  From GizMag:

The main improvements that it promises for the audience over 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems are the ability to make sounds appear to originate from overhead without the need for overhead speakers (although they can be used), improved audio quality andtimbre matching, and greater spatial control and resolution.Support is provided for up to 128 simultaneous and lossless audio elements in a mix and, with cinema output in mind, up to 64 speakers. Sound positioning is delivered using object-oriented mixing to “layer independent sound elements over channel-based audio content.”

For home viewers, all this should add up to a more impressive and immersive experience. Dialogue will follow characters around the screen better, with sound directionally projected into the room. Likewise, sound effects will track the camera better as it pans around. Ambient sounds should be clearer and more “enveloping” with specific details (or objects) jumping out more.

Here’s a short video that explains everything.

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