Turn Your iPhone into a Self-Defense Weapon

The iPhone/iPod case industry is a multi-billion dollar racket.  There’s no way those little pieces of plastic cost $34.99!  What’s the margin on these things?  Yet people buy them by the millions.

And for what?  Protecting their device against bumps, scraps and the occasional non-lethal drop.  Better grip.  Bridging that fussy annenta in the iPhone 4.  A fashion statement.  And that’s about it, really.

This new case, however, is different.  It’s the best innovation since the extra battery pack.  It turns your iPhone into a self-defense weapon.

They call it the Smarguard iPhone case.  Three-quarters of it looks fairly normal, but attached to one long side is a canister of pepper spray capable of a half-dozen .5 seocnd squirts which can reach a radius of five feet.  And it comes in pink, too, for whatever that’s worth.

And at $50 for the case (refills are $27), it seems like a better deal than just a stupid piece of plastic. Assuming you feel you need one of these things, of course.

Alan Cross

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One thought on “Turn Your iPhone into a Self-Defense Weapon

  • February 26, 2012 at 9:31 am

    10% OC? That's police grade, not kid's stuff. Entirely illegal for civilian possession/use in Canada (bear spray exceptions notwithstanding) and definitely not the sort of thing you ever want to use as a plaything.


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