Two AWESOME/CRAZY Music-Related Music Conspiracies

Browsing the Interwebs over the weekend brought me to an article at Popular Mechanics called “I Went on a Weeklong Cruise for Conspiracy Theorists.” While I highly recommend you read the entire article, let me prime your curiosity with two excerpts.

Re-tuning the World to 528 Hz.

According to Len, everything in the universe emits vibrations, and all the positive, life-affirming forces (including the green/yellow light in rainbows) “resonate” at a frequency of 528 hertz. Therefore, all music should be tuned in 528 hertz, rather than the 440 hertz of standard tuning, which he asserted was an evil plot imposed by the Rockefeller Foundation to militarize the world’s populace. Len believes that standard tuning aggravates the pineal gland, making all of us emotionally distressed, sicker, and more destructive. He called this “musical cult control.”

“You,” he said to me, and then paused. “Are … a … digital, bio-holo-graph-ic, precipitation, crystallization … mi-rac-ulous manifestation! Of divine frequency vibrations, forming harmonically in hydrospace.”

“Okay,” I said.

“That’s the frequency that monks used to chant in while making brandy,” Dannion added.

Len’s face lit up. “When was that?”

“In the 1340s,” Dannion said.

“And how do you know that?” Len asked.

Dannion dabbed at the corners of his mouth with his napkin and said, “Because when you die, you know these things. I saw it when I crossed over.”

The Bataclan Massacre Theory

The 528 Hz theory is benign, really. This, however, borders one crazy-dangerous.

The film’s central thesis went like this: Hollywood superagent Ari Emanuel (who represents Eagles of Death Metal, the band that was playing at the Bataclan when it was attacked) was in cahoots with the Lagardère Group, a French media conglomerate that had purchased the Bataclan in September 2015. Because Qatar Holding has a stake in Lagardère, and because the government of Qatar has been criticized for tacitly allowing terrorist groups to do their banking in the United Arab Emirates, and because—and this is where they totally lost me—Ari Emanuel is the brother of Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, the Horokane believed that Lagardère must have orchestrated the attack with the help of Ari Emanuel.

Er, wow.

Again, the whole article can be found here.

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