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Periscope is a new social media idea that is rapidly gathering momentum. Utilizing real-time connection, the company, owned by Twitter, is making a real splash.

Pericope, like Meerkat, works by allowing users to live broadcast their life to the world by downloading the iOS appand connecting through Twitter. Your followers get a push notification and can watch your livestream, all free of charge.

This is definitely something that musicians and bands should make note of as this gives a great opportunity to share with followers.

There is no career like that of a musician on the rise. From spending hundreds of hours on the open road, to playing clubs that look like rejected sets from the last Quentin Tarantino film, and even time spent in the studio (wherever that may be), there are hundreds or even thousands of sights musicians see that the vast majority of their fans will never have a chance to witness. The immediacy of Periscope allows for musicians to share their perspective on life, be it while hanging backstage before a gig in Iowa or in the midst of pre-production for their next studio album, with the power of their cell phone. There is no need for a laptop that limits mobility, or a state-of-the-art camera whose footage will require a large amount of extra work to make perfect for the internet. Musicians can (and should) turn on Periscope periodically, if only for five or ten minutes, to allow fans to dive a bit deeper into their reality. What does the half day drive across rural Texas in mid-July look like? Artists can show their fans with only a few seconds worth of effort. What about the view of the crowd from the main stage at Coachella? Again, in just a few seconds that view can be shared with the world? What about the first time you hear the first edit of your new single? Periscope makes sharing the reaction on your face, as well as the sound you are hearing, a breeze.

Hypebot has the full story here.

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