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Which Countries Have the Music Fans Who Spend the Most on Records? (Hint: NOT Canada)

I’ll cut to the chase: the world’s most valuable music fans are in Norway. Yes, Norway.  Here are some statistics reported by Music Business Worldwide. These numbers represent the average per capita spending on music–that is, the music fans that are spending the most on records. (Note: all figures are in USD.)

  1. Norway: $23.58 per person
  2. UK: $20.81
  3. Japan: $20.64
  4. Sweden: $19.75
  5. Germany: $17.42
  6. Australia: $16.26
  7. USA: $15.36
  8. Austria: $13.56
  9. Switzerland: $13.39
  10. France: $12.76

See Canada in the Top Ten? Me neither. Where are we? For that answer, we have to head to the bottom of the list. These countries spend the least per capita on recorded music.

  1. China: $0.07
  2. India: $0.08
  3. Mexico: $1.07
  4. Brazil: $1.23
  5. Spain: $3.87
  6. Italy: $3.93
  7. South Korea: $5.29
  8. Canada: $9.74
  9. Belgium: $9.93
  10. Netherlands: $12.19

As for the size of the Canadian market, it runs either sixth or seventh in the world, depending on how Australia does. But if these figures are anything to go by, we should be spending much more for a country of our size and wealth.

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