Who is the mystery band at the centre of this huge divorce settlement?

The Daily Mail headline reads “Ex-wife of bass player in well-known three-member band will get half of his £10m fortune after their marriage broke down, High Court judge rules.”

Fine. Another rock’n’roll divorce. But if you comb through the rest of the story, there’s no mention of who this bass player is, who is wife is or what band heplays in. We’re left to guess because the judge ruled that no one involved can be identified.

Challenge accepted.

  • We’re dealing with the bass player in a trio.
  • The band is “extremely successful.” (Duh. No Kidding with a settlement like that.)
  • The band is presumably British, otherwise why would the case be before a British judge?
  • The group released seven albums over the last 20 years.
  • The bass player’s “music income streams” are worth more than £4m

My first guess was Muse, but they’ve released eight studio albums. Then again, Chris Wolstenholme did get divorced a few years back and such things can drag out for years.

Then I thought Keane, but there’s only five studio albums and they don’t have a full-time bass player.

Can’t be The Jam (too old) or Motorhead (too old and Lemmy’s dead). Not the Police (too old and too rich). Biffy Clyro?

Any other guesses?

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4 thoughts on “Who is the mystery band at the centre of this huge divorce settlement?

  • Hmmm…what nationality is Cheney Claypool?

  • It’s The Cribs because it it’s Placebo then that would ex-husband.

  • Definitely Muse. I don’t think there is another bass player in the UK who is 41 years old, has six children by the divorcing wife, and who remarried in 2018.


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