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Who Killed Jack White in the Corporation Video?

If you’ve ever listened to the mostly instrumental “Corporation” off of Jack White’s 2018 album Boarding House Reach and thought to yourself how it would make a great soundtrack for a murder mystery, you’re in luck.

Jack’s taken the really cool groove in it that Alan Cross liked so much when he interviewed White back in March and stretches it out over top of a crime drama that finds him dead by a forensic-type detective in a remote castle and…well there’s just too much that goes on to summarize, best that you watch the video for yourselves:

Not to give away anything in the mini-movie (although I’m not sure that I even can, as I have a LOT of questions even after multiple viewings), but the blonde assassin character is played by Canadian Kandle Osborne. She’s a talented musician in her own right with a very ‘noir” style who I’d be very excited to see Jack work with like how he’s helped other artists from The Black Belles to Margo Price. I highly ROCKmend “Demon” from her 2014 album In Flames. Kandle also just happens to be the daughter of Neil Osborne, from West Coast rock icons 54-40.

Nice to Luv You, baby!

Gilles LeBlanc

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