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Will ex-Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge deliver us this generation’s answer to The X-Files? Maybe.

Anyone who’s followed Blink-182 knows that one of the big reasons Tom DeLonge quit the band was because he wanted to spend more time searching for the truth behind UFOs Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. And he’s gone deep with projects like his To the Stars Academy (which spun off a fun History Channel series) and a bunch of books under the umbrella of Sekret Machines. Some are non-fiction UAP-hunter tomes while others are novels depicting the adventures of people who just want to know what’s out there.

This week, Tom announced that one of the novels, Chasing Shadows, is being developed into a TV show. The series will follow four Fox Mulder-like characters from different walks of life, all bound together in hopes of getting to get to the bottom of what they believe to be a vast government coverup. Are aliens real? What’s behind UAPs? Where did this technology come from? And yes, they end up at Area 51.

I’ve read them all–I’ve got a thing for this subject–and I’ve become fascinated with the premise of zero point energy, something, if realized, could provide us with free energy forever. Screw fusion reactors; ZPE is the way to go!

Helping Tom is producer Dan Farah, who has some experience with adapting sci-fi, having adapted Ready Player One and the latest Dune into blockbuster movies. Here’s a statement from Tom:

“My book franchise, Sekret Machines, is a result of everything I have learned, and continue to learn, about the realities of the U.S. government’s interactions with UFOs and related matters. With an elevated, thrilling, and commercial adaptation in mind, I’m very honored and excited to have partnered with someone as experienced and talented as Dan Farah, who produced the blockbuster adaption of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, and Legendary Entertainment, who produced the recent blockbuster adaptation of Dune. Two of my favorite modern sci-fi classics.”

Sounds promising, Done right, this could end up being a worthy successor to The X-Files.

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One thought on “Will ex-Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge deliver us this generation’s answer to The X-Files? Maybe.

  • The books are fantastic, so I have high hopes for this one! Can’t wait!


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