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Woman kicked out of Bryan Adams concert stabs her boyfriend. In the face.

Last July, a woman and her boyfriend went to a Bryan Adams show in St. John’s, Newfoundland. A series of events led to the boyfriend getting into an altercation with another due, which in turn got the couple ejected by security.

When they got home, things escalated. She started ragging on him for ruining the concert for her. As he tried to leave the house, she threw a pot of macaroni salad at him. A struggled ensued, and at some point a pairing knife was grabbed and the boyfriend ended up getting stabbed in the face.

It wasn’t bad–a puncture wound, really–but cops were called and the woman was arrested. She didn’t go quietly, either, spitting on the police who responded.

From there, things got worse. Social services removed three children from the home. When the case wound its way through the courts, the judge determined that both had been too drunk to accurately account for what happened that night.

The woman has been charged with common assault. She’ll be sentenced next month.

Read the whole sordid story here.

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2 thoughts on “Woman kicked out of Bryan Adams concert stabs her boyfriend. In the face.

  • I’m so sorry to be critical because I really do love you, man. But as a male, maybe you don’t t realize that it’s derogatory toward women. I’m not usually bothered by this kind of stuff but I idolize you and you are much better than this. Also, do I really want to be criticized for my opinion/comment?

    Please don’t use the term “ragged” on him. It’s origins stem from the use of the term for menstrustion products and imply irrationally confrontational behaviour during that time…..
    ok, now cue the men telling me why this shouldn’t bother me, and belittling my opinion.

  • As a female, I am NOT offended by anything on this post. Just thought I would put another opinion on here 🙂 Sounds like two people were drunk and things got way out of hand, assault is never good in any way shape or form. Feel bad for the kids too 🙁


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