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Your Awesome Monday Timesuck: The Heavy Metal Band Name Generator

Finding a name for your band is a hideous process. For a name to work

  • Everyone on the band must agree on it;
  • It has to be unique and not already in use by someone else;
  • It has to reflect everything about what your band does, sounds like and looks like, and;
  • It has to lend itself to good graphic design.

If you’ve ever tried to name your band, you’ve probably despaired that all the best names are taken. Some of my favourites are Black Sabbath, The xx and Battles.

Fortunately, the Internet has a number of band name generators. One of the better ones I’ve found lately is The Internet’s Official Heavy Metal Band Name Generator. No input is required. Just hit the “generate” button.

So far I’ve been offered the following:

  • Deathpimple
  • Final Worship
  • Fightfinger
  • Acidstuds
  • Mighty Agony (this isn’t taken ?!?)
  • Pyrosword (AWESOME!)
  • Fucktiger
  • Darkness with Hole
  • Phlegmbrain

Be forewarned: if you hit the graphic below, you’ll probably get lost for a while.

Heavy Metal Name Generator copy

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