A Kansas musician has been charged with plans to kidnap and kill the mayor of Wichita over having to wear a face mask

We’re less than two weeks from the US presidential election and things continue to get weird and scary with the possibility of violence being very real. First there were the Michigan militia weirdos who wanted to kidnap the governor, put her on trial, and then carry out the sentence (probably execution) because of the COVID-19 restrictions she put in place. Another group was planning to storm the statehouse. Fortunately, the FBI stepped in before anything could happen.

Did Donald Trump condemn these guys? Nope.

Now we hear of a plot to kidnap and kill the mayor of Wichita, Kansas. A firefighter and musician named Meredith Dowty has been arrested and charged with criminal threat. Dowty, who performs locally under the name “Cathead,” was upset about face mask mandates in the city, posting that he was oppsed to “masks and tyranny.”

Mayor Brandon Whipple was tipped off by another city official who said that Dowty was looking for the mayor’s home address. A text message went into detail about what fate awaited the mayor: kidnapping and a throat-slashing.

Reports say that Dowty might have been set off by being unable to see his mother who is in a long term care home which has implemented COVID-19 precautions.

‘Murica. I’m okay with keeping the border closed until late November. Let’s see how weird and scary it’s going to get.

(Via DMN)

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