Another week, more of the Elon Musk Twitter dumpster fire, Monday edition

You’d think that things might have been quiet for ol’ Elon and his totally incompetent handling of his purchase of Twitter over the weekend,. But what fun would that be? Here’s some of the latest.

Even more people got fired this weekend

After dumping half the workforce (~3,700 people about ten days ago)., more people have been let go. Thousands with zero heads-up for warning. Approximately 4,400 for the company’s 5,500 contract workers were bid buh-bye on Sunday. They found out when their access to Slack and email stopped working.

Who’s left to do any work?

Many of those contractors were outsource content moderators

So there are even fewer people to police the trash on Twitter? What could possibly go wrong?

Despite all kinds of advertisers bailing on Twitter, at least one new one has signed up.

It’s SpaceX. Wait. Oh…

Elon really should shut up

His mocking of a US Senator might invite a government investigation that I’m sure would go just fine. Washington DC is freaking out, which is never a good thing.

Meanwhile, Elon says he has “too much work.”

And whose fault is that?

And if Twitter does collapse… won’t be a good thing.

Here’s a fun game to play.

Who said it: Elon Musk or Mr. Burns?

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