Boy howdy! Here’s a trailer for an upcoming documentary on Creem magazine

Creem was one of the first music magazines I ever bought. Based out of Detroit and not in New York or LA, it was a semi-raunchy answer to Rolling Stone: it a little more raw, a lot more street and a lot less hippie focused.

It called itself “America’s Rock’n’Roll Magazine.” No tedious Eagles and Grateful Dead articles. Instead, it was Iggy and Alice and Patti. It was punk rock before there was such a thing (in fact, the words “punk rock” first appeared in print in Creem.)

It was irreverent, snotty, and completely fearless. It was also the home of Lester Bangs, one of the greatest rock critics ever. The rest of the crew was no slouch, either.

Check out this review of Lou Reed’s 1975 album, Metal Machine Music.

Fun fact: Initial runs of Creem were ordered by porn shops. They misinterpreted the magazine’s intent from its name.

Creem’s best years were in the 70s and the magazine went out of business long ago. But its influence was such that it is worthy of a full documentary treatment.

Boy Howdy–taken from the magazine’s slogan-ish exclamation–will premiere at SXSW next month. Here’s a trailer. More at Rolling Stone.

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